Custom Gaming PC Builds

Record breaking, bespoke gaming PCs built to your requirements!

Record Breaking Custom Gaming PCs

Here at Share IT, we’ve long been a bunch of nerds that love to tweak things and make them better than they should be. As a result, we’ve decided to start offering our custom gaming PCs to the general public.

Under the brand of “Benchmark Builds”, we’ve built our first demo PC – serial no. 000001, and after a quick benchmark run on Time Spy, the defacto benchmark tool for bragging rights and what do you know – we’re No.1! 

Benchmark Builds - No1

This is a standard, air cooled, pc that runs pretty much silent, is reasonably priced and is the config that we ship to customers. This is not a water cooled or LN2 cooled franken rig, it’s a standard PC, built and tweaked by us,

We’re sure our crown will be taken soon enough by an elite overclocker with a tank of liquid nitrogen but for now, we have the fastest 7800X3D / RTX4070 recorded on Time Spy… in the world. In anycase, we’re the first to beat the 18000 benchmark and that can never be taken from us! 

Not Just a Gaming PC

We’ve built this Custom PC specifically for gaming but that’s not to say that’s all it can do. It’s also incredibly good at other tasks too. Whether you’re a YouTube creator, a Twitch streamer or Photoshop wiz, we can spec and build a PC that’s perfect for you. 

Coming Soon

We’re in the process of having a whole new site built that’s dedicated to Benchmark Builds and our Custom PCs but for now, give us a call on 0203 411 4404 or email us at [email protected] to discuss your new record breaking builds!

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our Engineers are available to assist with any of your IT issues. We offer IT support packages ranging from simple phone IT support to scheduled on site monthly health checks.

Cloud Backup

Veeam Cloud Backup

As a Veeam Partner we can offer the best solutions for your backups based on Veeam Cloud Connect. With ransomware as prolific as it is, can you afford not to be protected?


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We can provide a fully managed service hosting your infrastructure in our London data centers.  Using Remote Desktop technology, you can access your systems from anywhere in the world.


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With our proactive monitoring you can be assured that we are looking after your system 24/7. Our engineers are alerted to any issues that occur with your critical infrastructure allowing us to get to work right away!