Remote Desktops – Remote Working with Virtual Desktop

Allow your users to work from home with our Remote Desktop Solutions

Remote Working with our Virtual Desktops.

A virtual desktop infrastructure can help with one of the highest costs for small businesses – office space. Our remote desktop service can help by giving users the ability to work from home and work remotely. There is a trade-off when looking for office space between a prime location and the physical office space large enough for all employees. To have both can be expensive but our cost-effective Remote Desktop solutions will give you the best of both worlds. Have the ability to have a great location without needing a physical desk for every employee.

Hot Desk

Having the ability to hot desk can improve productivity even if all staff can fit into the office. Users have the ability to login to any machine in the office and access their usual desktop. All of their settings, files, preferences will be intact. Particularly useful when staff from different teams need to collaborate – just log in to the machines next to each other and carry on working.

Work from Home

Whether there’s a child care problem, train strike, illness or pandemic, staff cant always get into the office. Sometimes, things happen that can ruin the best-laid plans. With our Windows Server 2019 based Remote Desktop solution, your users can securely log on to their desktop from anywhere.

Access your office desktop from any device.

All you need to be able to access the central office IT systems is an internet connection and a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or phone. As long as the device can access the internet and supports the Microsoft RDP protocol, you can log in to your virtual desktop. All of the settings, preferences and files will be intact and best of all, the data never actually leaves the corporate systems. Users only see a remote view of the central servers.  

On premises or our Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud Services are the ideal home for your Virtual Desktops. We have the security and flexibility in place to streamline the deployment of your Remote Desktops. We also have resilient, low latency, high bandwidth internet links that ensure that your remote workers stay online. If you prefer, we can even  deploy the services directly in to your own data centers. Contact us to discuss the options available.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Our Engineers are available to assist with any of your IT issues. We offer IT support packages ranging from simple phone IT support to scheduled on site monthly health checks.

Cloud Backup

Veeam Cloud Backup

As a Veeam Partner we can offer the best solutions for your backups based on Veeam Cloud Connect. With ransomware as prolific as it is, can you afford not to be protected?


Remote Working

We can provide a fully managed service hosting your infrastructure in our London data centers.  Using Remote Desktop technology, you can access your systems from anywhere in the world.


Proactive Monitoring

With our proactive monitoring you can be assured that we are looking after your system 24/7. Our engineers are alerted to any issues that occur with your critical infrastructure allowing us to get to work right away!